Paper Competition 2018

Young Scholars Paper Competition 2018

Young scholar competition - IGU Urban Commission - Montreal 2018

Inside the papers presented in the IGU Urban commission annual meeting Montreal 12th -17th August 2018, the commission encourages young scholars papers. The papers must be accepted to the meeting and then complete papers will be sent before July 1st 2018

First step is the submission of abstract: before February 19th 2018

WEBSITE to access to the whole information on the conference program, registration and forms, accommodation:

Participation is open to all Young Scholars (those under 35 years of age on July 1) participating in the IGU Urban Commission meeting in Montreal 12th -17th August 2018.

The prize fund is US$1000.

The Urban Commission Young Scholar Committee will handle the adjudication process under the supervision of the coordinators. Each paper will be blind reviewed by 2 members of the young scholar committee, who will evaluate it by a clear set of criteria. The coordinators will make the choice of the reviewers, will collect the reviews and will make the decision in agreement with the whole Young Scholar committee. The judges’ decision will be final and there will be no correspondence with the authors regarding the decision. The panel reserves the right not to award the prize in any year.

A full paper must be submitted by the author in the following format:

• PDF format

• Papers must be anonymized

• Maximum 15 * A4 pages (1.5 spacing), Times New Roman 12 pt font

• Images and tables should be included (all in black and white) as well as references at the end

• References in the text should follow the Harvard system, for example Hill (2000: 64), (Hill 2000: 64) or (Hill 2000b) when two or more references to the same author have the same year. The abbreviation et al. may appear in the main text but all authors should be named in the references. Multiple references cited in the text should appear in alphabetical order, separated by semi-colons. An alphabetical list of references by author's last name should appear after text, notes and acknowledgements. Where there are no named authors, the name of the appropriate body should be used, for example (World Bank 1996). Only works cited in the text should be listed, and all references given in the text must be listed. Full reference details should include all authors, titles, publishers and place of publication, and where unpublished material may be obtained, and for journal articles the volume and issue number and pages. If the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is known, this can be included.

• Footnotes should be avoided, but if necessary there may be a limited number of endnotes, numbered consecutively, at the end of the text. Authors should not use automatic footnote formats, but should use superscript numbers and list the notes as ordinary text at the end of the text.

• The papers must be of publishable quality to be considered for the prize.

• The official entry form 2018 of the competition MUST accompany the submission of papers.


Only papers submitted in this way will be judged as part of the competition.

Papers and entry forms should be submitted by email to the Coordinators of Young Scholar Committee:, and


For more information, please see the IGU Urban Commission website and the application form bellow.


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