Projets sélectionnés en 2022

  • Accounting Summer Camp - Workshop
  • Bridging the Gap: Statistical Modeling of Cosmology Extremes
  • Commodity trade and global institutions. A multidisciplinary approach to the governance of global markets in the 20th century
  • Communia. Administration of the commons, customary orders and taxonomy of collective ownership in Switzerland and Italy
  • Connected and Plastic. Porous boundaries of humans, environments and machines in biomedicine
  • Crossing disciplinary gazes on landscape: a cultural approach
  • Graph Neural Networks for Neuroheuristic Brain Analysis
  • Immunology of the skin: theoretical basis and practical implications in health and disease
  • Literature, Politics and Historiography in the Italian Renaissance (part II)
  • Medieval and Early Modern English Studies in Europe
  • Women Authors and Translators in the Age of Goethe: Challenges and Strategies
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