Electron probe microanalyzer

JEOL JXA-8350F HyperProbeElectron probe micranalyzer image 1.jpg

The JEOL JXA-8530F electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) is equipped with a Schottky field emission gun designed for in-situ quantitative microanalyses at high spatial resolution (< 1 μm). The instrument is equipped with 5 WDS spectrometers using LIF, PET, TAP, LDE1 and LDE2 crystals, including 7 large crystals (3 TAPL, 3 PETL, and 1 LDE1L) for maximum sensitivity. All chemical elements from B to U can be analyzed. The instrument is also equipped with an SDD EDS detector (spectral resolution of 129 eV on Mn) and a panchromatic CL detector. The laboratory equipment is completed by an Ar ion cross section polisher for high-end surface preparation.

The schedule for the JEOL JXA-8350F HyperProbe can be checked here. For bookings, users are invited to email the contact person directly.


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