Magma geochemistry

The study of the chemical and isotopic compositions of past and present melts is an important step for a better knowledge of the structure and dynamics of the Earth, essential for the prevention of natural hazards. To study magma composition, we used magmatic minerals or melt inclusions, small droplet of melt trapped during crystal growth. In situ measurements, using ion probe, for stable isotopes, volatiles and trace elements in these materials allow accessing small to large scale chemical variations and then documenting precisely different magmatic processes.

Melt inclusions and magmatic processes in subduction zones: Melt inclusions are small volumes of melt trapped during crystal growth. When hosted by high-Fo ...

Li isotopes in zircon: a petrogenetic tool: Li content and δ7Li in zircons have been recently been suggested to be useful for characterizing a zircon’s parent rock ...

Budget and cycle of halogens (F, Cl, I and Br) in the mantle: Despite their low concentrations in the Earth’s mantle, halogens are thought to play an important role ...


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