Sedimentology and sediment geochemistry

The interests of our research group are centered on large-scale processes during Earth's history, which have relevance to present-day environmental change. They include research on paleo-environmental change in carbonate platforms (present-day analogue: coral reefs), phosphorite deposits (carrying the essential nutrient phosphate), organic-carbon-rich deposits (sinks for atmospheric CO2), weathering processes on the continent (as a source for essential biophile elements), major extinction events, trace-metal contaminations, and paleoclimatic reconstructions.

Ongoing projects

The Upper Barremian to Lower Aptian Urgonian Formation. In this project, the evolution and timing of the so-called “Urgonian” platform is investigated in the ...

The post-Urgonian Early Aptian along the northern Tethyan margin. Following the demise of the Urgonian carbonate platform along the northern Tethyan margin ...

Late Oligocene phosphorites of Baja California. Phosphate-rich sediments were deposited along the western margin of Mexico during the Late Oligocene. ...

The early Toarcian oceanic anoxic event and its sedimentary record in Switzerland. The early Toarcian (Early Jurassic: ~183 Ma) oceanic anoxic event ...


Terminated projects

Diagenesis of complex multiphase drowning surfaces. Incipient and final carbonate platform drowning phases of Early Cretaceous age have been recognized ...

The late Berriasian-Early Valanginian time interval. With this project, we perform research on the late Berriasian - early Valanginian time interval - a key ...

Numerical modelling of depositional and diagenetic processes in shallow-water carbonates. This project is first dedicated to the study and modeling ...


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