Numerical modelling of depositional and diagenetic processes in shallow-water carbonates

This project is first dedicated to the study and modeling of diagenetic transformation processes in shallow-water carbonates, with a focus on dolomitization and de-dolomitization processes. The formations targeted are the Calcari Grigi (Early Jurassic) of northern Italy and the Urgonian carbonates of the Vercors (Late Barremian to Early Aptian, SE France), and involves Caroline Planteblat. A second project concerns the development of a depositional model of the Urgonian Formation in France. For this purpose, detailed sections are sampled and measured in the regions of southern and southeastern France (Provence, Gard, Ardèche).


Karl Föllmi

PhD students
Fanny Bastide
Caroline Planteblat 

Thierry Adatte
Annie Arnaud
Hubert Arnaud
Thierry Dumont
Gérard Massonnat



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