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Bernasconi Attilio

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Amérique latine: sociétés afro-descendantes



Autres projets

Ph.D. Thesis - The Last Guerrilla: An Ethnography of Post-Revolutionary Praxis​
In April 2016, the Colombian government began meeting with the ELN (National Liberation Army) leadership to initiate negotiations towards a peace agreement. Yet, unlike the peace process with the FARC in which ethnic communities managed with difficulty to be included, the one with the ELN is focused on the participation of "civil society" and attributes great importance to the role of ethnic groups. To date, in Colombia the ELN controls different territories along the Pacific coast inhabited predominantly by afro-descendant communities whose identities are intrinsically bound to the relationship between everyday practices and lived space. Their economic activities are mostly related to gold mining and subsistence agriculture, which in many places has been supplanted by a much more lucrative crop: coca. Gold mining and (particularly) coca production are both subject to taxes by the ELN which administers territories both, at the margins, and against the state - while also, to a certain extent, acting like a state. Yet, no formal relationship exists between the afro-descendant communities and the ELN, the latter being officially part of the declared Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department. However, on the ground, the ELN and the communities are in constant interaction, and negotiations for the control and the use of natural resources are a common occurrence. But how do these daily negotiations take place? Do they entail the sharing of a revolutionary ideal on behalf of the communities? For whom and against whom is the ELN fighting? What are the strategies of resistance by what is arguably the last Latin American guerrilla movement in a context of global capitalism and national "neoliberal peace"? Grounded on in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, my Ph.D. project interrogates these and related questions by way of making a contribution to debates at the intersection within three disciplinary fields: the anthropology of revolution; of the state; and of neoliberalism.




Evénements et manifestations


Panel Co-Chair, When anthropology meets geography: discerning locally embedded, yet globally connected socio territorial struggles
Panel Co-Chair with Ph.D. Laura Neville, November 15-18 2017
Knowledge/Culture/Ecologies, International Conference

Conference Chair, Le processus de paix colombien: des regards croisés
Conference with Francia Marquez (Awarded Colombian Human Rights Defenders of 2015),Vincent Conus (Political Direction, Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs) and Alicia Alfaro (Permanent Mission of Colombia at United Nations) - 2017

Conference Chair, Comment construire la paix en Colombie: une perspective afro-colombienne
Conference with Francia Marquez (Awarded Colombian Human Rights Defenders of 2015) and Mathias Reynard (National Council, PS - Valais) - 2017

Conference Chair, Sociétés post-conflictuelles et reconciliation en Amérique Latine: entre mémoires plurielles et histoires contestées
Conference with Carlos Rosero (leader of PCN) and Professor Aline Helg (University of Geneva), October 24th​ 2016


Panel Chair, Imaginarios emergentes de la Justicia: trasformación de los paradigmas desde el mundo indígena, afrodescendiente y popular
Panel with Kenan Distinguished Professor Arturo Escobar (University of Chapel Hill, USA), May 23-26 2018



Membres associés

Nom Fonction(s)
Aleman Serjara Doctorante FNS
Aterianus-Owanga Alice Maître assistante, FTSR, UNIL
Ballif Edmée Collaboratrice scientifique
Bertron Caroline Doctorante
Busset Michaël Maître d'enseignement et de recherche suppléant
Carmignani Sandra Dr en anthropologie
Chappaz Suzanne Dr en anthropologie
Cordey Michaël Doctorant THEMA
Cretton Mballow Viviane Professeure Haute Ecole Travail Social, Valais
Feghali Pascale Professeure à l'Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth
Gay Denis Collaborateur scientifique externe, UNIL
Gonçalves Martin Johanna Collaboratrice scientifique, IAGS-Gestion, EPFL
Graezer Bideau Florence Maître d'enseignement et de recherche, Directrice
Centre for Area and Cultural Studies
Juan Paola Assitante diplomée, ISSR-FTSR
Kradolfer Morales Sabine Chargée de projet égalité des chances et diversité, HES-SO
La Ragione Loeva Doctorante
Leresche Frédérique Chargée de recherche HES-SO, EESP, Lausanne
Martin Hélène Professeure Ecoles d'études sociales et pédagogiques
Mbarga Josiane Dr en anthropologie de la santé
McKenzie Tsering Docteur en anthropologie
Mobio Francis Chargé de cours, anthropologie visuelle
Moretti Frederica Doctorante-assistante, ISSR-FTSR
Motta Marco Docteur en anthropologie
Navarro Cécile Doctorante FNS
Olivera Andrea Dr en anthropologie
Pirinoli Christine Professeure HECVsanté
Pluies Julie Docorante THEMA
Regev Laura  
Rey Séverine Professeure HECVsanté
Rochat Line Doctorante en anthropologie
Sautier Marie Doctorante LIVES
Travesi Céline Dr en anthropologie
Vionnet Claire Docteure en anthropologie
Voirol Jérémie Dr en anthropologie
Von Weichs Raphaela Responsable de recherche, Institut de sciences sociales des religions contemporaines, UNIL
Wiederkehr Sara Doctorante ERC, ISSR-FTSR
Wojczewski Silvia Doctorante, FGSE
Wolanski Sandra Hôte académique boursier
Wüthrich Clotilde Docteure en anthropologie
Zinn Isabelle Dr en sociologie
Zouggari Najate Assistante diplômée Unil


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Blaser Pauline

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