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Publié le  09.03.17
Modifié le  16.03.17
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Workshop on «Data management & Open Data»

This workshop on «Data management & Open Data» is part of the Lemanic “Open Science & reproducibility” workshop series that aims at educating researchers from UNIL, CHUV, EPFL, UNIGE and HUG to the notion of Open Science in order to improve transparency and reproducibility of their research.
Lundi 22 Mai 2017 (9h00 - 18h00) - Département des neurosciences fondamentales - Auditoire

This series of events, supported by the FBM Publication & Data Management Unit at CHUV LibraryLemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School and RESAL will be a unique opportunity for scientists to discuss and discover Open Science best practices and standards at all stages of the research process.

During the first part of this workshop, researchers will discover what are the upcoming policies concerning data management and data sharing of the SNFS funding agency. They will also discover the visions of Prof. F. Bussy (Vice Rector for Research and International Relations, UNIL) and of Prof. P. Vandergheynst (Vice President for education, EPFL) on Open Science. To help you, professionals involved in Big Data management at VitalIT/SIB as well as in Data Management Plan preparation at EPFL/DLCM will teach you best practices in data management and how to collect, describe, store, secure and archive research data.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to Open Data. This session will provide researchers with guidance on how to share their data to increase the visibility of their work. You will discover the journal (PLoS, Nature Publishing Group) guidelines concerning data sharing. You will learn about data paper (Scientific Data, a Nature Research Journal) and Zenodo, figshare, two adapted data repositories to meet journal requirements for publishing biomedical research data underlying their publication.

The workshop is free and open to researchers in the biomedical field from UNIL, CHUV, EPFL, UNIGE and HUG at all career stages as well as scientific information/data manager specialists.

Have a look at our preliminary programme

For registration use the link below:
Workshop III – “Data management & Open Data” (May 22, 2017)

Location: Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF), Rue du Bugnon 9, Metro M2 stop “OURS”, Lausanne

You can contact for more information.

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