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Wealth inequalities and the dynamics of housing market : Interpreting real-estate market-based regime of spatial inequalities
2019 - 2022
Applicant: Renaud Le Goix (Univ. Paris Diderot)
Other collaborators: Julie Pollard
The project analyzes growing socio-economic inequalities induced by property prices inflation. Housing prices have increased faster than the income of buyers in most of post-industrial city-regions. Real estate has become a major driver of these inequalities because the flows of household real estate investments are instrumental to the dynamics of asset capitalization. The project structures a multidisciplinary research group to investigate the systemic dimension of inequalities induced by the dynamics of French housing markets and their political and financial context since the end of the 1990s. In French metropolitan areas, the most salient dynamics for the last two decades have been a continuous and steep increase in property prices and a steady increase of homeownership, analyzed as a « resilient bubble », and therefore described as a new price regime.

The following paradox has emerged in the post-financial crisis era: while the evolution of both price to income ratio (i.e. affordability index) and rent to price ratio should discourage homebuyers and investors in metropolitan areas, housing markets have remained active and the price trend did not reverse. We assume this situation is linked to many parameters, from the national level (financial and credit affordability conditions, pro-homeownership policies, shift toward asset-based welfare) to the local level (pro-market housing policies, spatial differentiation of housing prices). Our research question stems from this analysis: to what extent contemporary social inequality is shaped by one's relationship to housing markets? We will examine it through three overlapping dimensions: urban policies to promote the production of residential real estate; local access and affordability to participate in that market; specific trajectories of wealth accumulated through home ownership - and its attendant effects on urban policies.

What is Governed in Cities: Residential Investment Landscapes and the Governance and Regulation of Housing Production
2019 - 2022
Applicant: Mike Raco (UCL)
Other collaborators: Julie Pollard
This project draws on a precise comparative, inter-disciplinary methodology to examine the inter-relationships between contemporary investment flows into the housing markets of major metropolitan centers and the governance arrangements and public policy instruments that are designed to regulate them.
Our case studies are the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Greater London, and Grand Paris. The project asks what is governed in major cities and draws on two streams of analysis: mapping and explaining the types of investment that are shaping housing production in the 3 cities; and developing understandings of the effectiveness of public policy instruments that are in place to regulate them.
The project is timely as major cities have been faced with unprecedented development pressures as their populations and economies have expanded and their built environments have become highly attractive locations for global investment. These pressures have been particularly acute in the production and consumption of housing, where the impacts of investments on markets, citizens, and places are generating a widely perceived crisis and set of governmental challenges to produce affordable housing.


Associate members

Name Institution
Afonso Alexandre Professeur assistant, Universiteit Leiden
Audétat Marc Responsable de recherche
Badache Fanny -
Baccaro Lucio Chercheur FNS Senior, Université de Genève
Bailat Stéphanie Secrétaire générale CAF
Boisseaux Stéphane Administrateur de Faculté
Bonnaz François Doctorant, Université Grenoble Alpes
Bonoli Giuliano Professeur ordinaire
Braun Dietmar Professeur honoraire
Buehlmann Christian Doctorant externe
Buffat Aurélien 

Collaborateur détaché à la Présidence du Conseil d’Etat vaudois

Bundi Pirmin Professeur assistant IDHEAP
Cahlikova Tereza Chargée de recherche
Carranza Carranza Ana Milena Hôte académique boursière
Célérier Laure Professeure adjointe, Université d'Ottawa
Champion Cyrielle Doctorante
Denzler Stefan Directeur adjoint
Dorizzi Aris Etudiant, IHEIDG, Université de Genève
Duberry Jérôme Post-doctorant, Université de Genève
Ewert Christian  
Fischer Manuel Chargé de cours, Université de Berne
Fontana Marie-Christine Cheffe de projet
Füglister Katharina Conseillière spécialiste en politique de la santé
Fuhrimann Sophie Doctorante
Gago Angie Post-doctorante NCCR
Gatto Laura Assistante diplômée IDHEAP
Gilardi Fabrizio Professeur, Université de Zurich
Ginalski Stéphanie  Maître d'enseignement et de recherche type 1
Goodale Mark Professeur ordinaire
Guerrin Joana Maître de conférence, Université de Nîmes
Halpern Charlotte Chargée de recherche FNSP
Himmelsbach Raphael Coordinateur responsable et innovation
Kobelt Emilienne Collaborateur scientifique, Université de Fribourg
Kovarzina Olga Chercheuse invitée
Kübler Daniel Professeur ordinaire , Université de Zurich
Jaccard Emilie Chargé de cours
Larpin Blaise Professeur associé HES
Lecuyer Lauren  
Litvyak Olga  
Mazzoleni Oscar Maître d'enseignement et de recherche, professeur titulaire
Moussu Nils Chargé de recherche type 1
Mutter Olivier Chef de projet
Nahrath Stéphane Professeur ordinaire
Pflieger Géraldine Maître d'enseignement et de recherche type 1, Université de Genève
Pilotti Andrea Responsable de recherche type 1
Primavesi Riccardo Doctorant FNS
Ramuz Raphaël  
Rebmann Frédéric  
Robyr Florian Secrétaire général adjoint, PDC
Rossier Thierry Chargé de recherche
Sainsaulieu Ivan Collaborateur scientifique externe / Chargé de cours
Schnabel Johanna Bureau de recherche
Schnyder Gerhard King's College London, lecturer in comparative management
Sciarini Pascal Professeur ordinaire, Université de Genève
Shtyrkova Evgeniya Doctorante FNS  
Stückelberger Simon  
Strebel Michael Chercheur FNS senior
Traber Denise Université de Lucerne
Trampusch Christine Professeure assistante , Université de Berne
Tresch Anke Professeure associée ad personam
Uhlmann Björn  
Varone Frédéric Professeur ordinaire, Université de Genève
Weissbrodt Rafael

Adjoint scientifique, Haute école de santé du Valais 

Widmer Emilie Doctorante FNS


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