AAV-mediated gene transfer for cellular and gene therapy of Parkinson's disease


The group develops viral vectors based on adeno-associated virus for regulatable and specific gene expression in the brain.  Our aim is to fill-in the gap between on-going pioneer clinical trials offering efficient but uncontrolled transgene expression and future safe and pharmacologically-adjustable treatments. Focusing on neurotrophic factor delivery in Parkinson’s disease, within the BrainVectors consortium (http://www.brainvectors.org), we are i) developing a clinically-acceptable genetic switch to control transgene expression and ii) comparing 2 well-established families of viral vectors (AAV and lentiviral vectors) with a new non-human adenoviral vector with distinct advantages.   
In a complementary approach, we are also interested in the role of the brain environment in neuronal cell death, in particular, inflammatory pathways that are overactivated in Parkinson’s disease and candidate interfering genes.


AAV-mediated gene transfer into human fetal mesencephalon

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