Teaching and Funding




Tutorial for PhD students: “Gene Therapy: nucleic acids to treat diseases, a new medicine emerging from multidisciplinary translational research” (Responsible; 15H).

Lausanne University, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, Doctoral School.


Master Course: “Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease” (2H + 2H seminar) as a part of “From Memory to Memory Loss: Alzheimer's Disease” (Responsible; Pr Andrea Volterra). Lausanne University. Master in Medical Biology.


“Neuron-Glia Biology” module of the Biomedical Master (Neuroscience Specialization).  Neuron: glia interactions in aging and disease. 2H.



Swiss National Fundation (FN n° 31003A_179527/1): Regulation and targeting of viral vectors for neuroprotective gene therapy of Parkinson’s disease



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