Andrea Biasiucci

Andrea Biasiucci, Ph.D.

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Radiology Department
University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne
Radiology Research Center, RC7
Rue du Bugnon 46, 1011 Lausanne, Switzerland

email: andrea.biasiucci [at]

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2017: A. Maesani, A. Biasiucci, “Electrical stimulator for neuromuscular stimulation”.

2014: A. Maesani, A. Biasiucci, and S. Varricchio, “System For Fabricating Non-Invasive Electrodes Directly On The Skin”.

2013: A. Biasiucci, A. Maesani, and H. Dimassi, “Neuroprosthetic System Restoring Upper Limb Function Through Coordinated Electrical Stimulation".


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