Andrea Biasiucci

Andrea Biasiucci, Ph.D.

Biasiucci.jpgSenior Research Scientist
EEG Brain Mapping Core, Centre for Biomedical Imaging
Radiology Department
University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne
Radiology Research Center, RC7
Rue du Bugnon 46, 1011 Lausanne, Switzerland

email: andrea.biasiucci [at]

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2017: A. Maesani, A. Biasiucci, “Electrical stimulator for neuromuscular stimulation”.

2014: A. Maesani, A. Biasiucci, and S. Varricchio, “System For Fabricating Non-Invasive Electrodes Directly On The Skin”.

2013: A. Biasiucci, A. Maesani, and H. Dimassi, “Neuroprosthetic System Restoring Upper Limb Function Through Coordinated Electrical Stimulation".


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