Solange Denervaud

Solange2.jpgAffiliated post-doctoral fellow
Neonatology Service
Department of Woman, Mother, and Child
Radiology Department
Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne

E-Mail: solange.denervaud [at]

Research Topics

  • Solange's research focuses on the impact of learning environment on the development of cognitive-emotional competencies in 5-13 year old children, with an emphasis on the Montessori method. Her work uses a combination of psychophysics, neuropsychology, electroencephalography and magnetic resonance imaging.




  • Denervaud S, Fornari E, Yang XF, Hagmann P, Immordino-Yang MH, Sander D (2020). An fMRI study of error monitoring in Montessori and traditionally-schooled children. NPJ Science of Learning, 5:11. [DOI]
  • Denervaud S, Knebel JF, Immordino-Yang MH, Hagmann P (2020) Effects of traditional versus Montessori Schooling on 4- to 15- year old children's performance monitoring. Mind, Brain, and Education, 14(2): 167-175. [DOI]
  • Denervaud S, Gentaz E, Matusz PJ, Murray MM (2020) Multisensory gains in simple detection predict global cognition in schoolchildren. Scientific Reports, 10(1): 1394. [DOI] [PubMed]
  • Denervaud S, Knebel JF, Hagmann P, Gentaz E (2019) Beyond executive functions, creativity skills benefit academic outcomes: insights from Montessori education. PONE 14(11): e0225319. [DOI] [PubMed].

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