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LINE seminars

Mondays at 3pm via zoom

  • 21.06.2021
    Dr. Wilma Bainbridge
    University of Chicago, USA

    Memorability: Prioritizing visual information for memory

    There is a surprising consistency in the images we remember and forget – across observers, certain images are intrinsically more memorable than others in spite of our diverse individual experiences. The perception of images at different memorability levels also results in stereotyped patterns in visual and mnemonic regions in the brain, regardless of an individual’s actual memory for that item. In this talk, Dr. Bainbridge will discuss our current neuroscientific understanding of how memorability is represented in patterns in the brain, potentially serving as a signal for how stimulus information is prioritized for eventual memory encoding.


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Weekly Group Meeting & Data Presentations

COVID-19 virtual meetings

The faculty and staff of the LINE meet every week to discuss planned experiments as well as ongoing data analyses. The meeting is open to all and is regularly attended by several groups active within the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM), Department of Radiology, Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the CHUV, as well as the Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Service.

Time and Venue: Mondays @4pm; zoom.


Monthly student and trainee discussion

Each month, Prof. Murray meets with students and trainees of the LINE to discuss issues of supervision and mentorship in a frank and bilateral manner. These sessions are aimed at discussing not only the challenges of being a student in today's highly-competitive marketplace, but also some of the soft skills and other professional development aspects. Likewise, students and trainees are encouraged to provide their feedback and comments to further improve the compentence of their supervisors and mentors.


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