How is gender equality taucht in school ?

Duration of the project : 01.02.2011 - 30.07.2013
Research team Fassa Farinaz (Unil), Storari Chiara (Unil)

Funding source : Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

This research project examines how teachers make use of the teaching aids for gender equality education and how this is connected with their own assessments of the equality issue and with their working environment.The study uses a mixed-methods approach: 1) interviews with policy makers in education and gender equality (N=21) are carried out in order to investigate the specific situation in each canton and identify how much importance the different cantons attach to this school topic. 2) A sample of teachers and school principals in the French-speaking region of Switzerland will be surveyed by questionnaires. Interviews with teachers will complement the data and provide information on the deeper associations between values, gender equality concepts and teaching practice.