Being a high-school teacher, what does it entail ?

Duration : September 2010-Septmeber 2011
Research team: FASSA Farinaz, DUBOIS Simon
Funding: Département de la Formation, de la Jeunessse et de la culture, Canton de Vaud

This research has been mandated by the Department of Education in the Canton of Vaud (Département de la formation, de la jeunesse et de la culture) to investigate the working conditions of college teachers in the Canton, as well as to evaluate the possible influence age, different career patterns, different school cultures, and gender has on their understanding of ongoing educational reforms. The report is due to be published in October 2012. The design of this research includes both quantitative and qualitative methods: a questionnaire survey (N=528) and personal interviews (40) have been carried out. A special section of the survey consists of questions on time management in order to understand how both men and women deal with the absence of temporal boundaries that characterizes this profession.