Family Times

Duration of the project : 01.09.2010 -

Research team : Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (Unil), Dominique Joye (Unil), Eric Widmer (Unige). Two PhD students participating in this research as part of their thesis, Gaëlle Aeby (Unil) and Pierre-Alain Roch (Unil).
Funding source : Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Family trajectories and social networks: a configurational perspective of the life course

The Family tiMes survey focuses on important changes, but also on continuities that are specific to family, relational and occupational life courses of individuals belonging to the birth cohorts of 1950-1955 and 1970-1975. For each respective cohort, a sample of 400 individuals, representative of the Swiss residential population, has been interviewed. Ego-network and sequence analysis will be employed. This study has been developed in collaboration with Karin Wall and colleagues from the University of Lisbon. The same research design has been applied to a comparable population in Portugal in 2010 and will allow international comparisons.