Family Times

Duration of the project: 01.03.2011 - 30.04.2013

Research team : Caroline Roberts (Unil), Dominique Joye (Unil), Guy Elcheroth (Unil), and other collaborators within LIVES

Funding source: NCCR LIVES

Several projects within LIVES are planning surveys of different sub-groups of the population resident in Switzerland. Though the specific focus of the planned research varies, the studies share some common methodological challenges, including:

1) Sampling ‘hard-to-reach’ populations; 
2) Risk of differential nonresponse across important sub-groups, and attrition in longitudinal studies;
 3) Collection of retrospective data - event histories and retrospective evaluations of personal well-being across the life course;
 4) Difficulties associated with conducting surveys in Switzerland: telephone under-coverage and the high cost of face-to-face interviewing, which have increased the demand for mixed mode data collection.

In this project, we aim to evaluate the impact of efforts to address these challenges on data quality. Analyzing questionnaire data alongside panel data, and data from sampling registers, the aim is to improve knowledge of how to optimize survey designs for different populations in Switzerland, focusing on the relation between data collection methods, survey errors and costs.

LIVES - Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research