Nurses at work : Ever a Nurse, Nurse Forever ?

Project duration : 01.01.2015 – 31.10.2015

Research team : Véronique Addor (HESGE), René Schwendimann (UNI Basel), Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (Unil), Adeline Paignon (HESGE), Dalit Jäckel (UNI Basel), André Jeannin (sociologue), Boris Wernli (FORS, Unil)

Funding : Fonds national Suisse de la recherche scientifique (FNS), Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale Genève (HES-SO/Genève), Observatoire suisse de la santé (Obsan), Secrétariat d’Etat à la formation, à la recherche et à l’innovation (SEFRI), Office fédéral de la santé publique (OFSP)

The current nursing graduate workforce in Switzerland covers less than half of the needs and does not compensate the early departure of experienced nurses leaving their institution or even the field of nurse care.Without specific measures, this situation of workforce shortage will grow worse due to the increasing demand of care services (ageing population, chronical diseases etc.) along with a decreasing offer in the sector of care (retirement of the baby boomer nurses, low attractiveness of the nursing occupations, decreasing number of nurses educated in Switzerland).Data concerning the workforce in the health sector and about nurses in particular are incomplete. We do not know how many nurses are currently active on the labor market, as well as the volume of their participation in the nursing sector. These data are indeed essential to assess the needs in nursing workforce for 2020 and beyond.