The impact of plant closure in manufacturing on displaced worker's trajectories

Duration of the project : 01.10.2010 - 31.09.2014
Research team : Daniel Oesch (Unil), Isabel Baumann (Unil)

Funding source : Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

This project examines the social and economic consequences of the closure of five large manufacturing plants in Switzerland for displaced workers’ lives. The question addressed is how this has affected their occupational trajectories. The empirical analysis is based on a sample of 1000 workers who fill out a questionnaire two years after plant closure. The first goal is to find out if and where these displaced workers have found a job. The second goal is to know whether plant closure was accompanied by downward social mobility in terms of occupation and earnings: were displaced workers able to maintain their living standards or did plant closure leave a durable scar? Finally, the project wishes to identify both the categories of workers that succeeded in making the transition to an equivalent job and the categories of workers that lost out from plant closure.