PNR 60

Professional aspirations and orientations of girls and boys towards the end of compulsory school: what determinants for more equality? Financed by the National Research Programme "Gender Equality" (NRP 60) of the SNF

Duration of the project : 01.10.2010 - 30.09.2013
Research team : Dominique Joye (Unil), Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (Unil), Lavinia Gianettoni (Unil), Carolilna Carvalho Arruda (Unil), Dinah Gross (Unil), Edith Guilley (SRED) Elisabeth Isaeiva Moubarak Nahra (SRED), Karin Müller (SRED)
Funding source : Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

In Switzerland, the professional aspirations of girls and boys are still gender related: they are oriented according to the idea that there are male and female occupations. This research project is based on a survey among pupils in secondary schools, their parents and their teachers, and on semi-structured interviews with careers guidance counsellors and other professionals of occupational orientation. The aim is to determine the different causes of these differences – which contribute to the (re)production of gender inequalities – in order to better identify effective tools to prevent it. Our main hypothesis is that institutional – social capital and the education system, for example – along with psychosocial factors work together in the reproduction of sexual roles and identities, and contribute, in turn, to the « sexual division of occupational orientation ».