Dr. Benoît Merkt




Benoît Merkt is a qualified Swiss lawyer and a partner (since 2006) of the Swiss law firm Lenz & Staehelin. He pursued his studies in Switzerland and completed them with a Master in European and Comparative Law (MJur) at Oxford University and a Doctorate in law from the Universities of Bern and Neuchâtel. 


Dr. Merkt is head of the Foundations / Philanthropy practice group of Lenz & Staehelin. He is regularly involved in the legal structuring of charitable foundations in Switzerland and abroad and serves on the Board – as Chair or Member of several Swiss foundations of international scope.


He has incorporated more than 70 foundations of international scope and is one of the recognised leading Swiss law advisors in this field. He is a member of the Legal Council of SwissFoundations, the Swiss association of grant-making foundations. 




Practice of Philanthropy




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