Business & Climate Change




It is difficult to imagine any solution to climate change without involving businesses. This course aims at preparing law & business students, future business leaders, lawyers, lawmakers and entrepreneurs for an understanding of how business can navigate through this new and constantly changing climate change legal and regulatory paradigm, but also how sustainability challenges open up new sources of potential solutions and innovation, economic opportunities and social development, for example in the renewable energy, commodities & food industries, but also in the rapidly growing oceans-related economy. Students will be exposed to unconventional thinking beyond business-as-usual and will explore perspectives and practical experiences gained in the “battle field”, which redefine business strategies as being driven by sustainability challenges.


The course will also provide the students with legal knowledge and expertise, including innovative concepts, new legal climate justice trends, legal and impact financing tools for tackling global issues, new corporate mission-driven business models, etc., to becoming impactful leaders, lawyers and entrepreneurs committed to making a difference, and thereby enhancing their career opportunities. 







Laurent Develle



disputes.jpgInternational Business Disputes

transactions.jpg International Business Transactions

regulation.jpg International Business Regulation

Climate Change B&W.png Climate Change Law and Litigation



3 ECTS credits

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