Climate Change Law and Litigation



The climate crisis is a global threat requiring an urgent and comprehensive reaction and an innovative approach to legal principles, regulatory frameworks and dispute resolution strategies. The “Climate Change Law and Litigation” specialisation aims at developing legal knowledge and high-level advocacy skills, both from a comparative and cross-industry perspective. 




Total of 60 credits (ECTS) is distributed as follow:
18 credits must be selected from courses relating to the specialisation, 24 credits can be freely chosen from all the courses, 18 credits for the Master Thesis on a topic relating to the specialisation.

The following courses are within the specialisation:Climate color.png

Regular Courses                                                               


Climate Change Litigation (BIICL) 3
The Law of Climate Change 3
Trade, Investment and Climate Change 3

Special Courses

Business & Climate Change 3
Climate Change Litigation Workshop 3
Energy Arbitration 3
Energy Law (BIICL) 3
Human Rights & Climate Change 3
International Litigation Advanced 3
Investment Arbitration 3
Investment Law 3

Not all regular and special courses are offered on an annual basis.

Please check the schedule to see which courses are offered this term.

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