CAS Climate

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Climate Change

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Candidates are required to earn 10 ECTS credits. Course credit can be obtained over 10 days: six (6) days of mandatory courses (module 1) and four (4) days of optional courses (module 2). Registered students are also welcome to participate in additional optional courses, though this does not affect the overall number of CAS credits. Fiind more information about the study plan.

Entry requirements

Candidates eligible for admission to the CAS must:
a)   hold a Bachelor of Law (BLaw), a Master of Law (Law) or another equivalent degree from a Swiss or foreign university, or
b) hold a Bachelor, a Master or another equivalent degree from a Swiss or foreign university, and demonstrate additional training in area relevant to the programme (law or resolution of international disputes), or
c) hold another title considered as equivalent by the Direction Committee.
Proficiency in English is also required.



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All courses are taught in English and are generally scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays. Some of the courses are fully or partially offered remotely.

All courses are also part of the study plan of the LL.M. in International Business Law at the University of Lausanne (60 ECTS). You will find there a more detailed description of the courses.


If the holder of a CAS Climate subsequently registers for the LL.M. Programme (which is subject to the LL.M. admissions requirements), the 10 ECTS of the CAS can be credited toward the LL.M. degree; in this case, however, the LL.M. degree certificate replaces the CAS, which must be returned to the Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL.


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