Practice of Philanthropy



MAY 27, 2021

Practice of Philanthropy: Recent trends and developments, a Swiss and US perspective

Introduction: Andrea Bonomi 
Legal aspects of philanthropy: a Swiss perspective; Benoît Merkt 8h30-10h00
Break: 10h00-10h30
Tax aspects of philanthropy: a Swiss perspective; Jean-Philippe Krafft 10h30-12h00
Lunch Break 12h00-13h30
Investment for nonprofit; Arnaud Apffel 13h30-15h00
Break 15h00-15h30
Legal aspects of philanthropy: a US perspective; Timothy Nielander 15h30-17h00

MAY 28, 2021

Blockchain and Global Philanthropy

Break: 10h00-10h30
Lunch Break: 12h00-12h30
Blockchain for Philanthropy; Stéphane Brabant 13h30-15h00
Break: 15h00-15h30


Students' presentations





Jean-Philippe Krafft

Benoît Merkt

Arnaud Apffel

Timothy Nielander

Stéphane Brabant




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3 ECTS credits

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