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More than 180 PhD students are currently enrolled at the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School, conducting their research at three different universities, i.e. Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg.


Name and Email Project Thesis Director
Archargui, Ridouane (UNIGE) Cellular diversity of the subthalamic nucleus in mice Christian Lüscher
Ackermann, Sandie (UNIL) Interventions on working memory in adolescents with ADHD: neuropsychological and brain imaging dimensions Michel Bader (co-supervised by E. Fornari)
Allaman, Leslie (UNIGE) Neural resting-state interactions and off-line processing Adrian Guggisberg
Amosse, Quentin (UNIGE) Validation translationnelle de la quantification du TSPO par imagerie in vivo Philippe Millet
Antico, Lia (UNIGE) Cross-modal and modality-specific networks for understanding others and their somatic states Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua
Arrondeau, Chloé (UNIGE) Neural circuitry and molecular basis underlying impulsivity and risky decision making Nathalie Ginovart
Arslan, Mustafa (UNIGE) Quantitative multiparametric neuroimaging using PET/MRI and deep learning Habib Zaidi
Atanasova, Tanja (UNIGE) Variability in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: a behavioral, social and neuroimaging study of maturation in Word Production and Reading Marina Laganaro
Baaklini, Edeny (UNIGE) Optimization of neurorehabilitation procedures combined with epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to restore motor control in patients with chronic and subacute spinal cord injury Dimitri Van de Ville & Jocelyn Bloch
Baez, Sebastian (UNIGE) Exploring the neural network of social emotions and its modulation in the ageing brain Patrik Vuilleumier
Bagnoud, Jeanne (UNIL) Automatization of counting procedures in children with dyscalculia Catherine Thevenot
Barra, Beatrice (UNIFR) Design and implementation of epidural electrical stimulation protocols of the cervical spinal cord for the restoration of arm paralysis in non-human primates Marco Capogrosso
Batzianouli, Eleni (UNIL) The transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on the enhancement of the efficacy of rehabilitative intervention for the treatment of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s disease David Benninger
Baumann, Natalia (UNIGE) Transcriptional program of neocortical neuron differentiation Denis Jabaudon
Bawa, Tanika (UNIGE) The role of higher-order thalamic nuclei in sensory perception Anthony Holtmaat
Belles Ano, Lidia (UNIGE) Investigating the neurobiological basis of impulsivity and decision-making and their relationships with drug-seeking in rats Nathalie Ginovart
Bernini, Adriano (UNIL) Modulation of cerebral metabolism after brain injury in humans Mauro Oddo
Bertoni, Tommaso (UNIL) Neural network models of multisensory integration in the peri-personal space, and their application to self-consciousness Andrea Serino
Bhadra, Kinkini(UNIGE) Understanding the neural underpinnings causing dyslexia and proposing neurophysiological treatment to accelerate its rehabilitation process in children population Anne-Lise Giraud
Bochet, Aurélie (UNIGE) Understanding the comorbidity between Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Marie Schaer
Borgognon, Simon (UNIFR) Electro-chemical neuroprosthesis to promote functional recovery in macaque monkeys after incomplete spinal cord injury Eric Rouiller
Borsarini, Bianca (UNIGE) Neuropsychobiology in Eating Disorders: a Neuroimaging investigation on ED-high-risk offspring Nadia Micali
Bourgeaux, Kevin (UNIL) Exploring neurovascular-neurometabolic couplings in the rodent cortex with incoherent optical techniques Pierre Marquet & Chin Eap
Boutabla, Anissa (UNIGE) Multimodal restoration of vestibular function using the Geneva-Maastricht vestibular implant prototype. Angélica Perez Fornos
Brändli, Aaron (UNIL) Development and characterization of a subcortical stoke model in non-human primates for the development of neuroprostetics J. Bloch & G. Courtine
Briquet, Marc (UNIL) Investigations into the role of HCA1R in the hippocampus circuitry and functions in physiological or pathological conditions Jean-Yves Chatton
Broglia, Gianandrea (UNIL) Neural Circuits and Mechanisms of Sleep-Wake Transitions Mehdi Tafti & Luc Pellerin
Cantonas, Lucia (UNIGE) Alteration of event related potentials and event related spectral perturbation in schizophrenia and ADHD Christoph Michel
Carboni, Margherita (UNIGE) Directed Brain Functional Connectivity alterations in patients with extra-temporal lobe epilepsy Serge Vulliémoz
Cardis, Romain (UNIL) Sleep structure and stability in mouse models of chronic pain Anita Lüthi
Carlson, Heather (UNIGE) The Effects of Scents on Neural Networks Patrik Vuilleumier
Carron, Charline (UNIL) Astrocytes Regulation Mechanisms of the Hippocampal Adult Neurogenesis Nicolas Toni
Carruzzo, Fabien (UNIGE) Dysfunctional Reward Anticipation as a Neurobehavioral Marker for the Motivational Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia Stefan Kaiser
Casarotto, Giulia (UNIGE) Dissecting how social-related sensory cues are convey to the reward system to promote social interaction Camilla Bellone
Cavelti, Silvia (UNIGE) Core Functions of large-scale brain networks: the Foundations of Higher-order cognition? Radek Ptak
Chalatsi, Theodora (UNIL) The role of autophagy in peripheral nervous system (PNS) development and in excitation/inhibition balance in the central nervous system (CNS) Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou
Cherrad, Najma (UNIL) Vagal sensory inputs as regulators of mouse sleep Anita Lüthi
Clerke, Joseph (UNIL) Reorganization of habenular output connectivity during cocaine withdrawal Manuel Mameli
Chen, Yunchang (UNIL) Lactate in neuroprotection and recovery after stroke Lorenz Hirt
Conrad, Mireille (UNIGE) Energetic efficiency of information transfer at synapses Renaud Jolivet
Contestabile, Alessandro (UNIGE) The impact of sensory processing on social motivation in ASD animal models Camilla Bellone



Name and Email Project Thesis Director
Daskalaki, Akrivi (UNIL) Unconventional functions of autophagy in neurons Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou
De Oliveira Figueiredo, Eva (UNIL) Postnatal maturation of astrocytes and pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders Paola Bezzi
Debracque, Coralie (UNIGE) Evolutionary approach to emotion using affective prosody and functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Grandjean, Didier
Denervaud, Solange (UNIL) Study of the impact of learning environment on the cognitive-emotional competencies development children from 5 to 13 years old, with an emphasis on the Montessori method Patric Hagmann
Depierre, Pauline (UNIL) Investigating the molecular interactions between enhanced autophagy and neuronal death: paving the way for new neuroprotective strategies Julien Puyal
Di Muccio, Francesco (UNIL) Physical activity and sustained attention: an electro-cortical approach J. Barral & C. Brandner
Dirupo, Giada (UNIGE) Cognitive and neural systems for understanding others and their somatic states Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua
Djukanovic, Nina (UNIL) Dissecting the role of ACOT11 in sleep regulation Paul Franken
Doganci, Naz (UNIGE) Functional diversity of the dorsal frontoparietal network of the human brain studied with a lesion approach Radek Ptak
Duarte, Fabio (UNIL) Viral-Mediated Gene Repair for Huntington’s disease Nicole Deglon
Duarte Azevedo, Marcelo (UNIL) Mechanism of trophic signaling in nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons mediated by terminally-administered GDNF gene delivery in selectively targeted neuronal subtypes Liliane Tenenbaum
Erdemli, Asli (UNIGE) How GABAergic transmission could influence ventral tegmental area neuronal activity during postnatal development and their consequences in reward process David Sander
Espinosa, Pedro (UNIGE) How GABAergic transmission could influence ventral tegmental area neuronal activity during postnatal development and their consequences in reward process Camilla Bellone
Falahi, Mohsen (UNIGE) Golf Theory: a geometrical modeling approach to decision processes Kerstin Preuschoff
Faulmann, Igor (UNIGE) Cognitive-spatial maps in healthy and clinical populations Roland Maurer
Ferat, Victor (UNIGE) Training spatiotemporally-defined brain activity patterns with EEG neurofeedback Christoph Michel
Fernandes, Gabriella (UNIL) Cerebral creatine deficiency syndromes: New in vivo AAV approaches to treat SLC6A8 deficiency Olivier Braissant
Fernandez, Aurore (UNIL) Investigating stress, emotional and sensory profiles in patients with neuropathic pain Marc Suter
Fodoulian, Leon (UNIGE) Genetic and neurophysiological dissection of the neuronal diversity found in the endopiriform/claustrum complex Ivan Rodriguez & Alan Carleton
Gastaldo, Denise (UNIL) The role of Cyfip1-deficient microglia in ASD and SCZ pathogenesis Claudia Bagni
Gaviria, Julian (UNIGE) Neural correlates of emotion regulation - A dynamical-functional connectivity approach Patrik Vuilleumier
Gercek, Berk (UNIGE) Integrating the effect of constraints on neural development in theoretical models of the brain Alexandre Pouget
Giangreco, Basilio (UNIL) Modeling Schizophrenia with induced Pluripotent Stem Cells technology Kim Do & Nicolas Toni
Giarrizzo, Alessio (UNIGE) Modulation of reward processing by affective relevance in instrumental learning David Sander & Eva Pool
Ginggen, Kyllian (UNIL) Microglia-mediated synapse remodeling and the possible role of amyloid-beta Rosa Chiara Paolicelli
Gomez Teijeiro, Lucia (UNIGE) Investigating the role of the 5HT3A receptor in cortical interneuron subtype development Alexandre Dayer
Gouelle, Cathy (UNIL) Subcellular localization, translocation and trafficking of the neuronal monocarboxylate transporter MCT2: their implications on synaptic transmission Lukas Neukomm & Luc Pellerin
Grosu, Claire (UNIL) Psychotropic drug-induced weight gain: brain imaging study on hunger and satiety Chin Bin Eap
Guiraud, Laetitia (UNIL) Role of the CREB coactivator CRTC1 in mood disorders and antidepressant response Jean-René Cardinaux
Guyoton, Maelle (UNIGE) Study of the molecular and synaptic bases of associative learning during goal-directed multisensory tasks Sami El-Boustani
Gyorgy, David (UNIGE) Multilingualism and Rule Extraction in the Linguistic and Auditory Domains Julie Franck
Habiby Alaoui, Selim (UNIGE) Orbitofrontal cortex, reality filtering and decision making Armin Schnider
Hadjas,Lotfi (UNIGE) Neuronal mechanism of compulsion in obsessive-compulsive disorders and addiction Linda Simmler & Christian Lüscher
Harada, Masaya (UNIGE) Neural basis of addiction vulnerability Christian Lüscher
Ho, Andy (UNIGE) Functional Organization of Cortical Microcircuits in Gray Mouse Lemur Daniel Huber
Huber, Chieko (UNIGE) Microendoscopic imaging of functional responses of endopiriform/claustrum neurons during behavior Alan Carleton
Jaquerod, Manon (UNIL) Association of sleep patterns with risk and social preferences Alessandro Villa
Joëssel, Augustin (UNIGE) Understanding the placebo effect in perceptual learning : Dissociating the influence of treatment, motivation and expectation on training outcomes Daphné Bavelier
Kalanoska, Ivana (UNIL) The role of gut microbiome-mediated innate immune activation in binge eating and alcohol use disorders Benjamin Boutrel
Katsioudi, Georgia (UNIL) Studying molecular mechanisms and physiological cues underlying rhythmic translation David Gatfield
Kikuchi, Toko (UNIL) Studying the role of astrocyte signaling in cognitive function with combined use of in vivo imaging and behavioral testing Andrea Volterra
Kircher, Noemie (UNIL) Study of pupil light response as an indicator of retinal function Corinne Kostic
Kiss-Bodolay, Daniel (UNIGE) Investigating plasticity in the medial prefrontal cortex in a mouse model of anxiety Anthony Holtmaat
Klaassen, Arndt-Lucas (UNIFR) The role of the basal forebrain and neocortical regions in sleep dependent memory consolidation Gregor Rainer
Knight-Celen, Zeynep (UNIGE) The Effects of Mindfulness on The Developing Teenage Brain Patrik Vuilleumier & Camille Piguet
Kocia, Magdalena (UNIL) Mechanisms executing neurodegeneration triggered by NAD+ depletion Lukas Neukomm
Kojovic, Nada (UNIGE) Neurodevelopmental trajectories in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Marie Schaer
Konik, Stephanie (UNIL) Multisensory and motor components of upper limb representation: evidence from brain lesions. Andrea Serino
Konnova, Elena (UNIL) Contribution of peripheral nerve excitability in development of chronic pain Isabelle Decosterd & Marc Suter



Name and Email Project Thesis Director
Lavalley, Adrian (UNIGE) Transcriptional control of axonogenesis in developing corticospinal neurons after spinal cord injury Denis Jabaudon
Lee, Kok Sin (UNIGE) Morphological characterization of paralemniscal synapses and synaptic plasticity in L1 Anthony Holtmaat
Legendre, Guillaume (UNIGE) How deep is your sleeping mind? Unravelling the extent of information processing during sleep Sophie Schwartz
Leone, Roberta (UNIGE) Functional dissection of neuronal classes and microcircuit dynamics of the endopiriform nucleus/claustrum Alan Carleton
Leupin, Viviana (UNIFR) Brain, Body and Consciousness Juliane Britz & Roberto Caldara
Llobet Rosell, Arnau (UNIL) Identification of novel genes required for injury-induced axon degeneration in Drosophila Lukas Neukomm
Lo Guidice, Quentin (UNIGE) Transcriptional control of neuronal specification and axon guidance D. Jabaudon & P. Favre
Madsen, Sofia (UNIL) The role of lipid droplets in neural stem cells Marlen Knobloch
Mancini, Valentina (UNIGE) Unraveling the transition to psychosis in patients with 22q11DS: a multimodal longitudinal analysis Stephan Eliez & Christoph Michel
Mariano, Vittoria (UNIL) Shared neuronal circuits and molecular mechanisms in autism and schizophrenia Claudia Bagni
Marin Bosch, Blanca (UNIGE) Effect of Physical Exercise on Memory Sophie Schwartz
Mastria, Giulio (UNIL) Plasticity in the multisensory representation of the hand following stroke Andrea Serino
Matera, Alessandro (UNIL) Investigating the role of disease risk genes as modulators of microglial function Rosa Chiara Paolicelli
Maurer, Hélène (UNIGE) An integrative approach of the behavioural, neural and physiological mechanisms involved in the production of emotional prosody using virtual reality as an emotional induction method Didier Grandjean
Ménétré, Freda (UNIGE) Eating disorders and executive functions: a high-risk offspring study Nadia Micali
Minier, Astrid (UNIGE) Cognitive Neuroscience In The Service Of Improving Low Vision Rehabilitation Micah Murray & Dimitri Van de Ville
Modenato, Claudia (UNIL) Neuropsychological and neuroanatomical correlates of chromosome 1q.21.1 rearrangements Bogdan Draganski
Moerman, Charlotte (UNIL) Targeted closed loop neurotechnologies to address deficits of gait and balance in Parkinson’s disease J. Bloch, G. Courtine & E. Martin-Moraud
Molton, Ophelie (UNIL) Study of the activation and modulation mechanisms of ASIC channels Stephan Kellenberger
Monnor, Teerawat (UNIGE) A Co-Implementation of the Projective Consciousness Model and Virtual Reality for Quantitative Studies and Prediction of Emotion: An Investigation of Emotional Responses to Stressors David Rudrauf
Monsorno, Katia (UNIL) Lactate metabolism in the control of microglia function Rosa Chiara Paolicelli
Moyne, Maeva (UNIGE) Enhancing sleep dependent consolidation by non-invasive brain stimulation to boost motor skill acquisition in individuals after stroke and healthy old subjects F. Hummel & S. Schwartz
Munoz Tord, David (UNIGE) Investigate and characterize how altered cognitive and affective abilities in obesity contribute to a vicious circle of food overconsumption and/or weight gain Geraldine Coppin & David Sander
Mutel, Sophie (UNIGE) Probing the function of the endopiriform/claustrum complex using optogenetic and chemogenetic tools Alan Carleton & Ivan Rodriguez
Nacher-Soler, German (UNIGE) Experimental prevention of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity through molecular targeting of NADPH oxidase activity Pascal Senn
Najberg, Hugo (UNIFR) Training-induced plasticity in executive functions Lucas Spierer
Nannoni, Stefania (UNIL) Clinical, physiological and radiological predictors of collaterals, salvageable and saved tissue on multimodal CT in acute ischemic stroke Patrik Michel
Nguyen, Anh (UNIGE) New treatments for induction of motor plasticity after stroke Adrian Guggisberg
Nguyen, Arthur (UNIGE) The plasticity of Attentional Control Daphne Bavelier
Nguyen, Nam (UNIL) Differentiation of several types of mental transformation of spatial information: Cognitive processes and neurobiological correlates Catherine Brandner
Nicolle, Johanna (UNIGE) Mécanismes d’intégration et de décodage de la parole : études en psychophysique chez le sujet sain, dyslexique et autiste Anne-Lise Giraud
Notter, Michael (UNIL) Development and Validation of Functional Retinal MRI (frMRI) Micah Murray & Jean-Philippe Thiran
Nouri Zonoz, Ali (UNIGE) Real-time tracking for closed-loop neuroethology Daniel Huber & Ivan Rodriguez
Nunes, Caroline (UNIL) An integrated interdisciplinary approach to animal-free chemical and nanomaterial safety assessment Marie-Gabrielle Zurich & A. Thomas
Nuño Perez, Alvaro (UNIL) Input-specific segregation of synaptic determinants in the lateral habenula Manuel Mameli
Osorio Forero, Alejandro (UNIL) Neuronal mechanisms of the infraslow oscillation during non-rem sleep in mouse Anita Lüthi
Padee, Anna (UNIFR) Machine learning for predictive multi-modal markers of neuropsychiatric disorders Marco Merlo & Jonas Richiardi (CHUV)
Padmasola, Guru (UNIGE) Decreasing susceptibility of the epileptic networks by suppression of fast ripples in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy Christoph Michel
Paglione, Maria (UNIL) Glial-extrinsic and axonal-intrinsic axon survival mechanisms in Drosophila melanogaster Lukas Neukomm
Pagnotta, Mattia (UNIFR) Dynamic reorganization of cortical interactions under changing task demands Gijs Plomp
Patel, Nisheet (UNIGE) Modulation of differential correlations by attention Alexandre Pouget
Peek, Lukas (UNIGE) Strengthening residual unconscious processing with fMRI based neurofeedback to regulate visual awareness Patrik Vuilleumier
Peng, Zhong (UNIL) Structure and function study of ASIC sensitization by H2S Stephan Kellenberger
Philippides, Antoine (UNIGE) Structural correlates of neuroprosthetic control Daniel Huber
Piguet, Olivia (UNIL) Postnatal development and plasticity of the monkey entorhinal cortex Pierre Lavenex
Possovre, Marie-Laure (UNIL) Narcolepsie et Sommeil Mehdi Tafti
Prionisti, Ioanna (UNIGE) New approaches and delivery methods for the treatment of glioblastoma through brachytherapy Renaud Jolivet & Leo Bühler
Qiao, Emilie (UNIGE) The influence of positive emotions on mental processing Patrik Vuilleumier
Rafi, Halima (UNIGE) Neurofunctional Correlates of Attentional Difficulties during Adolescence Martin Debbané
Raynaud, Quentin (UNIL) Design of acquisition strategies for the mitigation of physiological noise in quantitative MRI data Antoine Lutti & R. Van Heeswijk
Regio, Sara (UNIL) Viral-Mediated Gene Repair for Huntington’s disease Nicole Deglon
Renfer, Jean-Rodolphe (UNIGE) What is the role played by the claustrum in the communication between cortical areas? Alan Carleton & Ivan Rodriguez
Rey, Elodie (UNIGE) Mapping of functional synaptic connections in higher-order thalamocortical feedback circuits Anthony Holtmaat
Richard, Jeanne (UNIL) Affective and cognitive functioning in relation to food intake D. Sander & G. Coppin
Riveland, Reidar (UNIGE) Bayesian Reinforcement Learning and Memory Alexandre Pouget
Robain, Francois (UNIGE) Evaluation and remediation of social attention processes in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Marie Schaer
Rothenfusser, Kaspar (UNIL) Développement d’une technique de tomographie holographique pour l’exploration de la dynamique tridimensionnelle des cellules neurales à l’échelle nanométrique : perspectives pour l’identification de biomarqueurs cellulaires des troubles psychiques Chin B. Eap & Pierre Marquet
Rue Queralt, Joan (UNIL)) Integrating structural and functional neuroimaging to constrain large-scale dynamic functional connectivity Patrik Hagmann & Gijs Plomp
Rybarikova, Margareta (UNIL) Development of a CRISPR-Cas9 system for ATXN3 gene editing in Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 disease Nicole Deglon



Name and Email Project Thesis Director
Sa de Almeida, Joana (UNIGE) Building the path to resilience in preterm infants: a neuroimaging investigation of the brain structural effects of an environmental intervention (music) in preterm infants Petra Hüppi
Salem-Garcia, Nahuel (UNIGE) Computational and neural aspects of uncertainty in decision-making Patrik Vuilleumier
Sanabria Diaz, Gretel (UNIL) Tracking pathophysiological process in Alzheimer’s disease through structural and functional brain topological patterns Ferath Kherif
Serralva Lopes, Andrea (UNIL) Identification of the molecular determinants underlying the developmental patterning of cerebellar Purkinje cells Ludovic Telley
Simonet, Marie (UNIL) Electrocortical dynamics of activation/inhibition processes involved in motor control/observation in patients with spinal cord injury Jérôme Barral
Sipione, Rebecca (UNIGE) Axonal regrowth of olfactory sensory neurons in acquired anosmia Pascal Senn
Skupienski, Radek (UNIL) Redox dysregulation in schizophrenia: development of novel peptide-based drugs Kim Do
Solanelles, Laura (UNIL) Identification of the molecular code for post-natal Granule Cells and Molecular Layer Interneurons differentiation and circuit assembly Ludovic Telley
Sooter, Nina (UNIGE) Stress, Honesty and Decision-Making: Investigating if and how stress impacts compliance with moral codes of conduct in favor of selfish interests Giuseppe Ugazio
Stephan, Aurélie (UNIL) Caracterization of Focal Dystonia in the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome David Benninger
Suarez Ramirez, Paola (UNIL) Early biomarkers in children at risk for ASD Nadia Chabane & Micah Murray
Sudria Lopez, Daniel (UNIL) The role of lipid metabolism in human brain development M. Knobloch
Tan, Mi Xue (UNIGE) Dynamic brain networks mediating componential representations of emotions Patrik Vuilleumier
Tano Retamales, Pablo(UNIGE) Modulation of differential correlations by attention Alexandre Pouget
Tautvydaite, Domilè (UNIGE) Reality Filtering and Encoding in Human Memory Armin Schnider
Thenaisie, Yohann (UNIGE) Brain-controlled neuromodulation of the brain and spinal cord to alleviate gait deficits in Parkinson's disease J. Bloch & G. Courtine
Trofimova, Olga (UNIL) Lifetime factors determining brain health Bogdan Draganski
Turoman, Nora (UNIL) Early multisensory attention as a foundation for learning in multicultural Switzerland Micah Murray (supervised by P. Matusz)


Uruena Mendez, Ginna (UNIGE) Striatal presynaptic dopamine function in impulsivity and decision-making: implications for understanding the neurobiological underpinnings of addictive disorders Nathalie Ginovart
Veiga Oliveira, Ana Rita (UNIL) Parallel study of brain structure and function using quantitative MRI and EEG Antoine Lutti & Marzia De Lucia
Villard, Justine (UNIL) Postnatal development of the monkey perirhinal and parahippocampal cortices Pierre Lavenex
Wang, Xiaoyue (UNIGE) Dynamic mapping of acoustic signals to distinct phoneme in ASD: From speech coding to meaning access Anne-Lise Giraud
Wellbourne-Wood, Joel (UNIL) Investigations into the role of astrocytes in the dynamic regulation of potassium homeostasis during physiological and epileptiform neuronal activity Jean-Yves Chatton
Wicht, Corentin (UNIFR) Deception and the Placebo effect Lucas Spierer
Xiong, Bilian (UNIL) The molecular logic of deep cerebellar nuclei diversity and connectivity Ludovic Telley
Yanguez Escalera, Marc (UNIGE) Physical activity and children’s executive functions: can motivation moderate or mediate this relationship? Julien Chanal
Yuzgec, Ozge (UNIGE) From single cells to networks: offline skill learning in the motor cortex Daniel Huber
Zabiegalov, Oleksandr (UNIL) Derivation of retinal organoids with correct number and structure of Müller glia generated from human and mouse pluripotent cells Yvan Arsenijevic
Zeugin, David (UNIL) The neural basis of visuo-motor control Silvio Ionta
Zewdie, Seblewongel (UNIGE) The Genetics and Epigenetics of Impulsivity Related Phenotypes Alexandre Dayer
Zimmermann, Robert (UNIGE) Spatial representation in primate brain Daniel Huber


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