Local Speakers

Principal Investigators | PhD Students

Principal Investigators

Roberto Caldara

Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg

Mapping Visual Cognition: from Micro Eye Movements into Macro Neural Coding

Alexandre Dayer

Geneva University Hospital

Cortical circuit formation in psychiatric-relevant mouse models

Cécile Lebrand

Department of Cell Biology and Morphology, University of Lausanne

Neurons, glia and axons: “ménage à trois” in the development of brain commissures

Darren Moore

Brain Mind Institute, EPFL, Lausanne

Molecular Pathways and Models in Dominant Parkinson’s Disease


Laszlo Vutskits

Geneva University Hospital

General anesthetics: a gateway to modulate neural plasticity?



PhD Students

Fosco Bernasconi

Stephanie Clarke lab, CHUV, Lausanne

Noise in brain activity engenders perception and influences discrimination sensitivity

Maxime Blanchard

Kellenberger lab, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology,
University of Lausanne

Inhibition of voltage-gated Na+ currents in sensory neurons by the sea anemone toxin APETx2

Christina Bocklisch

Lüscher lab, Geneva Neuroscience Center

Cocaine-evoked plasticity in synapses between D1 receptor-expressing medium spiny neurons and VTA GABA neurons

Aurélien Boillat

Kellenberger lab, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne

Role of Acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) in Ca2+ mediated neuropeptide secretion from sensory neurons


Corrado Cali

Bezzi lab, DBCM, University of Lausanne

A dopaminergic phenotype for PFC astrocytes?

Michele Cane

Holtmaat lab, Geneva Neuroscience Center

Tracking synaptogenesis and synaptic pruning by imaging of post-synaptic densities in vivo

Felipe Gerhard

Gerstner lab, BMI, EPFL

Estimation of functional connectivity using coupled Gamma processes

Yves Gouriou

Demaurex lab, Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, University of Geneva

Protective effect of T-type calcium channels inhibitors in a cellular model of stroke


Olivier Gschwend

Carleton lab, CMU, University of Geneva

Dense coding of natural odorants in the mouse olfactory bulb

Arnaud Lalive D'Epinay

Lüscher lab, CMU, University of Geneva

Methamphetamine-evoked depression of GABA-B receptor signaling in GABA neurons of the VTA

Jérôme Randall

Holtmaat lab, CMU, University of Geneva

Structural plasticity in Nogo receptor 1 - knockout mice after whisker trimming and stroke


Stamatina Tzanoulinou

Sandi lab, BMI, EPFL

Adolescence stress and its impact on attention and GAD67 expression in the brain

Delphine Valloton

Lebrand lab, DBCM, University of Lausane

Source, fate and function of early astroglial cells expressing Nkx2.1 in mouse embryonic brains

Camille Viviani

Pellerin lab, Departement of Physiology, University of Lausanne

The neuronal monocarboxylate transporter MCT2: its regulation by BDNF and its role in learning and memory

Nicole Zürcher

Hadjikhani lab, BMI, EPFL

It’s all in the eyes: subcortical activation during the perception of grotesqueness in autism

Ralf Wimmer

Lüthi lab, Department of Cell Biology and Morphology,
University of Lausann

Consolidating NREM sleep through strengthening thalamic cellular and network oscillations


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