LNAM'12 Program

Friday, September 7th | Saturday, September 8th

Friday, September 7th

 09:08  Train arrives at Les Diablerets
 09:15-09:45  Registration & coffee
 09:45-10:00  Opening remarks
 10:00-11:00  PLENARY LECTURE

 Pico Caroni
, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel
How experience influences learning through local circuit switches
 11:00-11:50  LEMANIC  PIs

 Richard Frackowiak
, Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience, CHUV, Lausanne
 New research opportunities using brain imaging in the CHUV

 Marie-Christine Broillet, DPT, University of Lausanne
 The Grueneberg ganglion: A nose for danger
 11:50-12:15  Coffee break
 12:15-13:15  Short talks by Lemanic PhD students


 14:00-14:50  LEMANIC  PIs

 Daniel Huber
, Dept. of Basic Neurosciencec, Univ. of Geneva
 Learning under the microscope: Chronic two-photon imaging of frontal cortex circuits

 Grégoire Courtine, Brain Mind Institute, EPFL, Lausanne
 14:50-15:50  Short talks by Lemanic PhD students
 15:50-16:20  Coffee break
 16:20-17:20  Short talks by Lemanic PhD students
 17:20-17:30  Closing remarks
 17:30-19:30  Poster session & Apéro
 20:00-22:00  Dinner at the Hotel Victoria
 22:00-...  Party at your favorite bar in town


Trains leave Les Diablerets at 19:04, 20:48 and 21:48



Saturday, September 8th

 09:00-10:00  Doctoral School meeting
    Presentation of 2012-13 Courses
 10:00-11:00  Round table: Careers in Academia and Industry
    Jean-Pierre Rosat, CEO, Aleva Neurotherapeutics, Lausanne
    Jean-Pierre Hornung, Dept. Fundamental Neuroscience, Unil
 11:00-11:30  Coffee break
 11:30-12:30  European Neuroscience (EU funding, networks, organization & opportunities)
    Carmen Sandi, BMI, EPFL
 12:30-12:45  Presentation of the Jean-Falk-Vairant foundation
 12:45-13:00  Jean-Falk-Vairant poster and oral presentation prizes
 13:00-13:15  Amicitia Excellence Prize
 13:15-14:30  BBQ Lunch
 14:30-16:30  Social Activities: football, volleyball & hike


Trains leave Les Diablerets at 12:50, 13:48, 15:06, 15:48, 17:06 and 17:48



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