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Fonds Jean Falk-Vairant

The Fund Jean Falk-Vairant awards two prizes of 500 CHF for:

- the best poster or oral presentation in fundamental neuroscience
- the best best poster or oral presentation in clinical/applied neuroscience

The prizes were awarded by Yves Dunant, secretary of the JFV fund, at the end of the meeting on Saturday, August 29.


Simon Badoud (UNIFR & UNIGE) & Sebastiano Bariselli (UNIL), the winners of the JFV poster/presentation prizes in 2015.


Amiticia Association


The Amicitia Association awards an Excellence Prize in recognition of outstanding scientific research in all areas of neuroscience. Its aim is to support graduates from the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School who are continuing their scientific career in an international academic institution. The laureate of the prize in 2014 was acknowledged on Saturday, August 30. This year, the prize was awarded to Lorenzo Fontolan from the University of Geneva.
As Lorenzo could not come himself, his thesis director, Prof. Anne-Lise Giraud, was so kind to receive the award for him. Yet, Loreno sent us the sory of his PhD whose final outcome you can see below.

Adrien Tempa and Anne-Lise Giraud at the LNAM 2015.




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Biotelligences awards a poster prize

This prize aims to reward a poster displaying experimental design and quantitative analysis of outstanding quality, including biostatistics. Selection criteria include elegance of experimental planning, relevance and precision of analysis per se and clarity of presentation. Through this award, we aim to increase the awareness of the importance of good design, statistics and display to ensure science reproducibility. 

Biotelligences LLC:

Biotelligences team is motivated by a global vision of improving scientific transparency and communication. When standards in experimental design, statistical analysis and presentation are not met in publications, science becomes irreproducible and unreliable. We evaluate the compliance to biostatistical guidelines and we also provide personalised tutorial in biostatistics. In addition we offer pre-submission peer reviewing that also includes a thorough English language correction. Located in Lausanne, we are a small team with strong academic backgrounds in biology and applied mathematics.
Our services are affordable and we believe in Science as a driving force for economic development. We therefore offer a sliding scale of pricing that adapts to the country of origin aiming to participate in the expansion of scientific research in low-income countries.

   Romain Gosselin (Biotelligences LLC) and Aude Chenu (UNIGE) with the poster prize at the LNAM dinner in 2015.


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