Course module: Clinical Neuroscience

Clinical neuroscience module “C”: The human brain in health and disease

Organizer: Bogdan Draganski




The course includes a complete description of the healthy and diseased brain. Discussions will cover neuroanatomy, physiology, pathology, and plasticity aspects of each topic listed here after. Students can also benefit from participation in the clinical case presentations at the neurology service of the CHUV on Wednesday mornings. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have developed a broad understanding of normal brain functions and disorders of the central nervous system.

Please note that the course module "C" is interwined with the module "I" (Modern Neuroimaging Methods). The two modules can be taken together, but also separately.



Wednesdays from 8-12h (8-9h DNC clinical case presentations in French; 9-12h course in English), biweekly.
Course location: CHUV, Mont Paisible 16 - salle 05_565
Clinical case discussions: Auditorium Charlotte Olivier in the CHUV main building

Order of topics might still be subject to changes due to clinical duties of teachers!

30.09 Basic principles of brain anatomy and function (BDraganski)
14.10 Paroxysmal brain disorders – Epilepsy (JNovy) & Stroke (LHirt)
28.10 The brain on fire: Pain (CBerna-Renella) & Neuroinflammation (CPot)
11.11 Consciousness: Disorders of consciousness (MDLucia) & Sleep (FSiclari)
25.11 Neurodegeneration: Dementias (JFDemonet) & Movement disorders (BDraganski)
09.12 Derailleur: Neurooncology (AHottinger) & Wrap-up (BDraganski)


Journal club presentation and essay


The number of participants in each module is limited to 10. Please write a mail to (with module name as subject and your supervisor in copy), inscriptions will be treated on first come-first served basis.

Please note that the course takes place in the hospital environment; wearing a mask is obligatory for all, in the hall of the building and in the smeinar room! As to guarantee simple access to the building, please be ready to show the course description at the building entrance / and or a mail from the course organizer!


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