Course Module: Modern Neuroimaging Methods

Neuroimaging module I: Modern neuroimaging methods of investigation of the human brain in health and disease

Organizers: Bogdan Draganski, Ferath Kherif & Antoine Lutti




The course will include a description of the acquisition and analysis tools to study brain structure, function and connectivity. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have developed a broad knowledge of how modern neuroimaging techniques and their application improve our understanding of brain functions and discorders.
Prerequisite for this course iare MATLAB skills.

Please note that the module "I" is interwined with module "C" (Clinical neuroscience). Both course modules can be taken together, but also separately.



Wednesdays from 9-13h, biweekly @ CHUV Lausanne, Mont Paisible 16 - salle 05_565

02.10.2019: Introduction & first steps in Computational anatomy
16.10.2019: MRI physics I
30.10.2019: MRI physics II
13.11.2019: Data analysis (structure/function)
27.11.2019: Data analysis (structure/function)
11.12.2019: Machine learning



Journal club presentation and essay


The number of participants in each module is limited to 12. Please write a mail to (with module name as subject and your supervisor in copy), inscriptions will be treated on first come-first served basis.


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