Goals and Objectives

The Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School (LNDS) aims at providing students with broad background knowledge in neuroscience, irrespective of their thesis topic. That is, it offers courses and training events ranging from cellular and molecular to cognitive, clinical and computational neurosciences.

After completing the doctoral training program, the PhD candidate will have demonstrated that he/she is able to:

  • independently plan and execute an original research project.
  • use and apply the acquired knowledge and technologies to design a novel scientific study in order to answer preclinical or clinical questions.
  • effectively communicate, written and orally, about his/her research with the scientific community and the general public.
  • integrate his/her research topic with other domains of neuroscience, make connections between the fundamental and cognitive/clinical neurosciences, and acknowledge the benefit of transdisciplinary interactions for scientific advancement and innovation.
  • critically discuss their own as well as others’ research.
  • act and react promptly in scientific discussions and contribute to resolving problems in scientific projects.
  • efficiently organize his/her own as well as group-wide projects, and recognize a possible necessity of additional resources.
  • engage into scientific discussions in English.
  • write and successfully defend a doctoral thesis.
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