Moodle is an e-learning platform that allows course organizers to easily update information about their course, post documents (pdf, powerpoint, jpeg, etc) or links, and give grades.


How to access a LN course in Moodle

1) Click on

2) To log in, click on the logo of your institution (Unil, Unige, EPFL, etc) and enter your institutional e-mail as login and password. If you don’t belong to any of the institutions listed, ask the LN coordinator for a username and password. You will then access Moodle by clicking on the left side of the login page.

3) You should now be able to see the courses/content of the LNDS that are associated with your student name.

4) Select a course from the list.

5) In case you cannot access, inform the LNDS coordinator.

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