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January 19th 2013

"Des neurones reprogrammés in vivo"

Denis Jabaudon, from the CMU in Geneva, and collaborators developed an electrochemical gene delivery method and could reprogrammed postmitotic neocortical neurons in vivo.
This discovery is part of a project that received The Leenaards Award 2012.

Read the article in "Le Temps" (you might be requested to register, but it is free for this article).



January 16th 2013

"Trauma in youth makes lasting imprint on brain"

Carmen Sandi and her team from the Laboratory of Behavioural Genetics at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), have found the first concrete evidence of a long-sought-after biological link between trauma experienced in childhood and an inability to control violent behaviour later in life.

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April 25th 2012

"Lumières sur les neurones en train d'apprendre" 

Daniel Huber, professor in the Department of fundamental neuroscience, at the University of Geneva, offers interviews in Etudiants.ch and Le matin about neuronal activity during learning and memory.

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April 23rd 2012

"Comment notre cerveau apprend malgré l'inconstance des neurones"

Alexandre Pouget, professor in the Department of fundamental neuroscience, at the University of Geneva, offers an interview at Etudiants.ch about why our sensors are sometimes surprisingly unreliable.

Read the article in "Etudiants.ch"






December 8th 2011

"Cocaine addicts given hope"

Christian Lüscher and his team from the neuroscience department at Geneva University have unveiled research that could be used to help combat cocaine addiction. They have developed a method that erases a trace left by the drug in the brains of mice and reverses addict behaviour to normal.

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March 15th 2011

"Les connaissances innées du cerveau"

Richard Walker, spokesperson of the Blue Brain Project at the EPFL, talks to the RSR1 about their last article, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).




May 18th 2010

Plastic brain mechanisms for attaining auditory temporal order judgment proficiency

A press release from the CHUV presents the latest research by Lucas Spierer, Jeremy Grivel, Micah Murray and Fosco Bernasconi.



March 15th 2010

"Semaine du Cerveau 2010:
le cerveau et son développement"

Denis Jabaudon, from the CMU in Geneva, talks on the RSR1 about the genetic control of brain development.

Listen to the interview in RSR1.



January 8th 2010

"Double-plasticité du cerveau"

Nicolas Toni, a new professor of the University of Lausanne at the DBCM, offers an interview in the RSR1 about hippocampal stem cells and their role in learning and memory.

Listen to the interview in the RSR1.




Articles on Swissinfo

July 15th, 2008 - Keeping a healthy brain


Patrick Fraering, from the EPFL Brain Mind Institute, has uploaded a video on YouTube explaining the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease. Click here to watch the video.

The video was made by ScienceVisuals, a start-up located at the EPFL Scientific Park that helps communicate Life Science research using the universal language of visuals, making it accessible and seductive to students, peers and the general public.



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