The Lausanne Neuroscience Seminars



The Lausanne Neuroscience Seminars is a seminar series co-organized since 2006 by three Lausanne institutions:

  • the University of Lausanne (UNIL)
  • the University Hospital (CHUV)
  • the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral (EPFL)

The goal of this series is to bring to Lausanne eminent neuroscientists who have made outstanding contributions in their field and to develop a new attractive way for further integrating Lausanne's growing and dynamic neuroscience community.

An Aperitif follows each seminar.



September 5 2013, 5pm

EPFL, SV Building, room SV 1717A


Carla Shatz, Sapp Family Provostial Professor, Professor of Biology and Neurobiology, Director, BioX, James H. Clark Center, Stanford, California

Title: "Surprise at the Synapse: MHC Class I, Synaptic Pruning and Plasticity"

Host: Prof. Carmen Sandi



November 7th 2012, 5pm

Hôpital Psychiatrique de Cery, Salle Christian Müller, Prilly-Lausanne


Jaak Panksepp, Baily Endowed Chair of Animal WellBeing Science, Neuroscience Program, Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine (WA, USA) & Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University (OH, USA).

Title: "Basic Emotional Feelings of Other Animals: Do They Exist and Are They Similar to Our Own?"

Host: Ron Stoop


April 16th 2012, 5pm

EPFL, SV building, room SV 1717A


Dmitri Rusakov, Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, United Kingdom

Title: "The shaping of synaptic signals: inside and outside the cleft"

Host: Carmen Sandi


May 23rd 2011

Auditoire Charlotte Olivier, CHUV, Lausanne


Daniel M. Wolpert, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Title: Probabilistic models of human sensorimotor control

Host: Bogdan Draganski


September 27th 2010

Grand Auditoire de l’Ecole de Médecine, DBCM, Rue du Bugnon 9, Lausanne


Oscar Marin, Instituto de Neurociencias, CSIC & Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante, Spain

Title: Mechanisms controlling the migration of cortical interneurons

Host: Cécile Lebrand 



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