FENS-IBRO Imaging Training Center 2011

Aims and Scope

We propose a FENS-IBRO Training Centre covering high-resolution brain imaging techniques dedicated to state-of-the-art mapping of brain functions and dysfunctions.
This 3-weeks course for PhD students and post-docs in neuroscience will consist of morning lectures by international and local faculty, progressing from principles of imaging techniques to important recent advanced applications in basic and clinical neuroscience research. Emphasis will be placed on three domains: 1) cutting-edge imaging technologies and their mutual integration, 2) advanced signal analysis, and 3) combined applications of different methods for inter-species and basic-clinical translational research. Specific methods that will be covered in the program include electrophsysiological recordings (high-resolution scalp EEG and intracranial recordings in humans and animal models), fMRI, spectroscopy, PET, optical imaging, structural imaging and tractography, TMS, and peripheral psychophysiology.
Following the morning lectures the students will work on a scientific project (in small groups of 2-3) in the laboratories of the participating faculty, allowing them to gain hands-on experience with most of the aforementioned imaging techniques.
The evenings will be reserved for poster presentations, round table discussions on ethics and professional skills, and social activities.



The registration fee is 500 euro and it covers accommodation, meals and local transportation during the duration of the course.

A number of travel grants is available. Candidates must apply for a travel grant when they fill out their application on-line.



- Cutting-edge imaging technologies and their mutual integration
- Advanced signal analysis
- Combined applications of different methods for inter-species and basic-clinical translational research
- High-resolution scalp EEG and intracranial recordings in humans and animal models
- fMRI
- Spectroscopy
- Optical imaging
- Structural imaging and tractography
- Peripheral psychophysiology


Scientific Organisers

• Olaf Blanke (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL)
• Bogdan Draganski (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois – CHUV)
• Rolf Gruetter (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL)
• Christoph Michel (University of Geneva - UNIGE)
• Micah Murray (University of Lausanne - UNIL)
• Patrik Vuilleumier (University of Geneva – UNIGE)


Faculty: lectures

Laura Astolfi, Daphne Bavelier, Olaf Blanke, Katarzyna Blinowska, Stephanie Clarke, Stefan Debener, Marzia De Lucia, Leon Y. Deouell, Bogdan Draganksi, Stephan Eliez, Elia Formisano, Richard Frackowiak, Narly Golestani, Didier Grandjean, Rolf Gruetter, Nouchine Hadjikhani, Patric Hagmann, Hauke Heekeren, Petra Hüppi, Ferath Kherif, Stefan Kiebel, Pierre Magistretti, Christoph Michel, Lee Miller, Micah Murray, Kia Nobre, Mathias Pessiglione, Carl Petersen, Gilles Pourtois, Markus Rudin, Melissa Saenz, Charles E. Schroeder, Sophie Schwartz, Margitta Seeck, Lucas Spierer, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Gregor Thut, Robert Turner, Annemie van der Linden, Dimitri Van De Ville, Serge Vulliemoz, Patrik Vuilleumier, Mark Wallace and Nikolaus Weiskop.


Faculty: lab projects

Meritxell Bach-Cuadra, Jessica Bastiaansen, Giovanni Battistella, Fosco Bernasconi, Domenica Bueti, Cristian Carmeli, Stéphane Chamot, Yann Cojan, Corrado Corradi dell’Acqua, Mélanie Craveiro, Cristina Cudalbu, Sandra Da Costa, Marzia De Lucia, Sylvain Deplanque, Bogdan Draganski, Joao Duarte, Jürgen Dukart, Hamdi Eryilmaz, Narly Golestani, Rolf Gruetter, Nouchine Hadjikhani, Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Christoph Hofstetter, Pascal Jourdain, Nathalie Just, Ferath Kherif, Jean-Francois Knebel, Maria Kniazeva, Jonas Kühn, Bernard Lanz, Jose Marques, Pierre Marquet, Roberto Martuzzi, Christoph Michel, Vladimir Mlynarik, Micah Murray, Nicolas Pavillon, Carl Petersen, Aline Pichon, Swann Pichon, Gijs Plomp, Mario Prsa, Charles Quairiaux, Jonas Richiardi, Sebastian Rieger, Tonia Rihs, Fabien Robineau, Vincent Rochas, Anne Ruef, Romana Rytsar, Paolo Salvioni, Melissa Saenz, Frank Scharnowsky, Holger Sperdin, Lucas Spierer, Laurent Spinelli, Antonia Thelen, Ulrike Toepel, Miralena Tomescu, Wiebke Trost, Athina Tzovara, Wietske van der Zwaag, Dimitri van De Ville, Serge Vuillemoz and Patrik Vuilleumier.


Application Information

We invite PhD students and post-docs in neuroscience to apply, from February 14th to April 29th 2011, through this link.




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