FENS-IBRO Imaging Training Center 2012

Imaging Neural Function

Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland
August 26 - September 14, 2012 


Aims and Scope

We propose a FENS-IBRO Training Center for PhD students and postdocs covering high-resolution optical imaging techniques to study neural function in vitro and in vivo. This 3-week course for PhD students and post-docs in neuroscience will consist of morning lectures by international and local faculty, which will progres from the principles of imaging techniques to important recent advanced applications such as voltage-sensitive dye imaging, intrinsic optical signal imaging, in vivo 2-photon imaging, optogenetics and others. In the afternoon the students will work on a scientific project (in small groups of 2-3) in the laboratories of the participating faculty, which allows them to gain hands-on experience with most of the aforementioned imaging techniques. The evenings will be reserved for students’ presentations, round table discussions on ethics and professional skills, and social activities.


Scientific Organisers

• Carl Petersen and Ralf Schneggenburger (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL)
• Jean-Yves Chatton and Egbert Welker (University of Lausanne - UNIL)
• Alan Carleton and Anthony Holtmaat (University of Geneva - UNIGE)


Faculty: lectures

A. Carleton, J-Y. Chatton, D. Choquet, V. Emiliani, O. Garaschuk, C. Genoud, O. Griesbeck, F. Helmchen, A. Holtmaat, D. Huber, M. Hubener, G. Knott, A. Majewska, V. Nagerl, T. Nevian, N. Olivier, L. Petreanu, B. Rozsa, D. Shcherbo, R. Schneggenburger, M. Schnitzer, H. Slovin, K. Spring, T. Oertner, A. Volterra and K. Zito.



The registration fee is 500 euro and it covers accommodation, meals and local transportation during the duration of the course.

A number of travel grants is available. Candidates must apply for a travel grant when they fill out their application on-line.


How to apply

We invite PhD students and post-docs in neuroscience to apply, from February 13th to April 27th 2012.




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