NeuroImaging Platform

The Neuroimaging platform of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences - CHUV, is a platform open to all basic and clinical neuroscience researchers. The mission of the platform is to provide an integrative framework, which allows the integration of the existing neuroimaging expertise of the world-class research community in the Lemanic area (CHUV, UNIL, HuG et EPFL). The Neuroimaging platform provides a cutting-edge equipment and expertise covering all methodological aspects of neuroimaging - from study design, through acquisition of high quality behavioural and MRI data, their state-of-the-art automated preprocessing up to the statistical analysis.

The platform is based on:

- Clear and transparent gouvernance principles providing the administrative basis of premier class imaging neuroscience research.

- High-end MRI Prisma Siemens scanner 100% dedicated to research complemented by an intuitive scanning time booking system.

- Well-established hands-on training system for scanner users concerning all aspects of safety and high-quality data acquisition in the MRI environment.

- Continuous monitoring of MRI scanner performance according to specific criteria securing optimal quality and stability of data acquisition.

- Unique anatomical and functional MRI acquisition protocols developed at LREN allowing robust and sensitive brain structure and function measurements, which are not accessible when using classical diagnostic imaging techniques.

- Well-established infrastructure for neurophysiological and behavioural testing including state-of-the-art infrastructure of MRI compatible equipment for physiological stimulus delivery and registration.

- Cutting-edge informatic technology infrastructure for data basing and automated state-of-the-art MRI data proprocessing.

- Well-established environment for scientific exchange with weekly Project Presentations, Methods clinics and Scientific presentations.

  • MRI scanner access - here we provide a comprehensive algorithm for the user describing in few steps how to plan, present and perform a brain imaging study at the NeuroImaging platform of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. 
  • Imaging Protocols - reference to available in-house developed anatomical and functional brain MRI protocols. For all specific MR physics requirements please contact the MR physics team. 
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