Honorary LRENers


Former Director, Department of Clinical Neuroscience 2009 - 2015
Former Head of Service of Neurology 2009 - 2015
CHUV University Hospital
Lausanne, Switzerland










Research Interests 

My research interest has been the functional and structural architecture of the human brain in health and disease. I have pioneered the development and introduction of positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and prosecuted a research programme dedicated to understanding the organisation of human brain functions, but my focus has been on plasticity and mechanisms for functional recuperation after brain injury and the patho-physiology of cerebral neurodegenerations. I have become interested in the use of MR-based morphometry especially in the study of genetic influences on brain disease and in a search for biomarkers and endophenotypes of neurodegenerative disorders. Most recently I have introduced computerised image classification for diagnosis and treatment monitoring into clinical science.




Former Director, Leenaards Memory Center
Department of Clinical Neuroscience
CHUV University Hospital
Lausanne, Switzerland











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