Data integration to understand cognitive decline

Principal Investigators:  JF DEMONET & O ROUAUD & B DRAGANSKI



Given the ascent in disease prevention and medical care, the number of individuals living into old age increases, with the consequence of proportional rise in elderly people with dementia. Clinical research using biochemical and brain imaging markers sheds light on the patho-physiological processes in advanced stages of dementia. However, our knowledge about the multi-directional interactions between cardio-vascular risk factors, physical activity and brain anatomy/neural activity that explain individuals’ cognitive performance in old age is still scarce.

Our research addresses in a systematic way unanswered questions about the impact of modifiable lifestyle factors on cognitive health in a large cohort (n≈1600, age-range: 45-90 years old) drawn from the general population (CoLaus|PsyCoLaus cohort). The main focus here is on cardio-vascular risk factors and physical activity, whilst adjusting for the impact of education and socio-economic status. Using the already acquired large-scale multi-domain neuroimaging and lifestyle data we will create predictive, i.e. causal models that will capture main effects and interactions between the factors of interest and explain the extent of inter-subject variability. We will then evaluate the validity of these models as biomarkers for cognitive performance in old age by assessing their ability to predict individual cognitive outcome within the time-scale of the current project. The proposed in vivo histology approach will enable translational research projects through characterisation of age-related brain tissue property changes.


Research topics:

• Data-driven description of "core" phenotype features in dementia
• Methods development for differentiating vascular from neurodegeneration-induced dementia 
• Individual patient tailored prediction of clinical outcome
• Impact of chemotherapy on cognitive performance and brain anatomy




Key publications:

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