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"What resilience does the earth have to threats menacing its capacity to support life?"



The Faculty of Geosciences and Environment opens since 2015 a new Master’s degree in Foundations and Practices of Sustainability. This curriculum of 120 ECTS credits has a duration of 4 semesters after the Bachelor's degree. The program, mainly taught in French, leads to the award of a Master of Arts.

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The focus of the Master’s degree in Foundations and Practices of Sustainability is on so-called “strong” sustainability, that is to say the challenges associated with the reduction and limitation of flows of energy and matter, so that our economic activities become once again compatible with the biosphere and its many processes. Its objective is to train you to lead and support the transition of our societies towards ecologically and socially sustainable solutions. It aims to transmit the tools needed for analysis and reflection as well as the know-how required to establish a link between theoretical principles and innovative practices capable of meeting the challenges of the ecological transition.


Skills development and professional perspectives

At the end of the Master’s degree course, the students will be able to understand and analyse the major contemporary environmental issues in the light of the humanities applied to the environment, to evaluate the proposed solutions with a reflexive and critical approach, to perform case analyses and to propose solutions based on the knowledge acquired, to conduct a project, to identify and prioritise information using different supports, and to communicate and argue on environmental issues.

This panoply of skills, combined with specialist knowledge acquired in the course of studies, is excellent preparation for a wide range of employment opportunities such as :

• Consultancy firms specialising in sustainability strategies

• Public administrations responsible for environmental policy

• Associations and movements dedicated to environmental protection

• Research institutions

• Environmental management in companies

• Journalism

• Starting their own business


For more information: www.unil.ch/perspectives



The Master’s degree in Foundations and Practices of Sustainability comprises 5 modules of mandatory courses spread over the first 3 semesters, a module of free-choice courses extending over the 2nd and 3rd semesters, and a Master’s thesis during the 4th semester.



Admission online at the Admissions Service.

In order to apply for the Master of Arts in Foundations and Practices of Sustainability, you have to complete your application file and send it within the official delays to the Admissions Service of the University of Lausanne: www.unil.ch/immat

Regulations and study plan of the Master

Please click here for the curriculum of the Master in Sustainability and the study plan including the structure of the programme

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