What you need to know about the thesis


The defenses take place during the examination sessions (except for exceptional and justified cases). 

Students should be aware that the Master thesis director may not be available during the July/August period, and must plan their work and thesis submission accordingly (together with their director) if they wish to defend in the session de rattrapage.

Directives (instructions for the Master thesis) Entrée en vigueur
Directives de mémoire 2022  (198 Ko) Dec. 2022
Documents for the Master thesis English
Sujet Projet de Master  (152 Ko) Master Project Subject  (184 Ko)
Formulaire dépôt mémoire MSc Envi  (313 Ko) Submission form
Page garde type  (285 Ko) Example of cover page
The second page of this document has to be included in the final version with the original signatures and placed on page 2 or 3 of the Master thesis.


Registration of any courses followed this semester and validated is June (including internship if applicable) in SylviaAcad

from Feb 20th
 March 19th

Sending the authorization form to defend signed by the thesis supervisor to the secretary's office

Before registering

Registration of the Master thesis in SylviaAcad

  • Titre / Title - Put the English Title first if it is the language of the thesis – Title can be modified up until the final version
  • Mémoire avec Horaire
  • Name of Director
  • Name of expert if known (The expert is appointed in agreement with your thesis director and may be added at a later date)



from Feb 20th
 April 30th

Sending of the deposit form and the electronic version of the thesis to the secretariat

2 weeks before the defense

Defense  - No common date
(Date to be chosen with the director)

During the exam session

June 12th–July 1st  23

Corrections if requested
(to be validated by the director)

Before sending to the secretariat

Sending of 1 hard copy + pdf final version with the authorization form for publishing to the secretariat

July 7th

At the latest, 5 days before the publication of the results

Publication of results

July 12th

Deposit of the Master thesis

2 weeks before the defense:

  • One copie of the Master thesis (printed or electronical version according to their instruction) to each member of the board (supervisor, expert)
  • One copie of the Master thesis and the"Formulaire de dépôt de mémoire" to the Master's secretariat by email.

Final deposit after the defense

  • The student has a maximum of 10 days after the defense day for the correction of his/her thesis
  • one paper version and one electronic version has to be given to the administrative desk of the Master at least 5 days before the publication of the exams.
Document for the evaluation of the Master thesis Entrée en vigueur
MSc evaluation form  (125 Ko) 06.2018

Graduation Ceremony

Please click on this link for all information concerning the Graduation Ceremony of the GSE faculty and how to subscribe.

Master defense days 2022-2023

There are no fixed dates for the coming session.

Defences are possible during the exam session

June 12th - July 1st
August 21st - September 9th