Teaching plan and regulations


The Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Science of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of the University of Lausanne aims to complete the university education in the field of Environmental Sciences. The specialisation is based on the orientation module.

The regulations specify the general provisions and the structure of studies, the conditions for passing and certain transitional provisions.

Teaching plan

The teaching plan specifies the teaching modules and the course evaluations.

Rules and regulations & teaching plan entry into force
Plan d'études 2022  (477 Ko) 20.09.2022
Règlement d'études 2021  (484 Ko) 21.09.2021
Previous Study plans / plans d'études entry into force
Plan d'études 2021  (440 Ko) 21.09.2021
Règlement d'études 2020  (498 Ko) 14.09.2020
Plan d'études 2020  (305 Ko) 14.09.2020
Plan d'étudest 2019  (404 Ko) 18.09.2018
Rules and regulations 2018  (1079 Ko) 18.09.2018
Règlement MSc GSE 2017  (1074 Ko) 19.09.2017