The patrimony our museum takes care of is very varied in its nature:

  • About 1'000'000 samples of rocks, minerals and fossils, subdivided in different collections, are safely stored in anti-nuclear shelters. Out of these we have about 1'700 paleontological type specimens, 2'800 figured specimens and 90 mineralogical type specimens.
  • Original manuscripts, field maps or unpublished reports are part of our archives. In particular, our museum is the official depository of the archives of petroleum prospection in the state of Vaud.
  • Century old stereographic pictures as well as recent DVD films in Earth Sciences occupy our multimedia library.

Since 1923, we have merged our rich geological library with the one of the Geosciences Faculty at the University of Lausanne.

Furthermore, our museum plays an important role in the census, the protection and the development of geotopes of the State of Vaud, which extends from the Jura mountains, through the molasse bassin and the Prealps, up to the Helvetic Alps.

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Part of the drill-core library (left) and the regional geology collection (right)

Some of the large documents of our archives

Our museum takes part in the protection and the development of geotopes; here the Creux de Croue in the Jura mountains

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