Scientific research & staff

Our museum does not follow a unique research project but works on a number of different topics, depending on the specific competence of its researchers:

Stefan Ansermet loves to explore ancient mines, with his camera always ready to shoot.

Gilles Borel swims in sedimentary bassins and moves plates around.

Robin Marchant prospects the underground with out going down.

Nicolas Meisser cherishes discovering new minerals, with a predilection for uranium.

Manuel Riond makes giant 3D puzzles with our vertebrate remains.

Some projects, like the local geotope census or education in geosciences, are followed by nearly the whole team.

Our museum has a number of research facilities, like its various labs or workshops, or its library which we share with the Faculty of geosciences, all located on the campus of the University of Lausanne.

Paleontological field work on a geotope located near the top of the cliff above Solalex in the Helvetic Alps

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Stefan Ansermet at work

Université de Lausanne