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Musée cantonal de géologie
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The exhibition halls are found in the "Palais de Rumine", in the center of Lausanne.

Opening hours

Tuesday-Thursday   11h-18h
Friday-Sunday   11h-17h
Monday   closed

Admission fees

Free for the members of the Amis du Musée

Guided tours

Our museum organises on request guided tours which can be given in English. The price is of 100.- fr. for the first hour and 50.- fr. per extra hour, plus the usual admission fees.


The exhibitions halls are situated on level 3 in the "Palais de Rumine", in the center of Lausanne, on the Riponne place.

Bus n°1 & 2, stop: rue Neuve; n° 8, stop: Riponne,
Metro (M2), stop: Riponne - M. Béjart.

Location map of the "Palais de Rumine"


Welcome desk at the "Palais de Rumine": 021 316 33 10

Museum secretary: 021 692 44 70;

Someone from the museum staff

Postal address: Musée cantonal de géologie, UNIL-Anthropole, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


The "Palais de Rumine", on the Riponne place

Rumine by night!

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