Valentina Scandella

PhD student (co-direction)

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Valentina obtained her Bachelor in Biology and Master in Medical biology at the University of Lausanne. She carried out her Master project in Prof. Olivier Bonny’s lab at FBM, during which she studied the effect of vitamin D on the serum and urinary uric acid levels and on the expression of the different urate transporters. Afterwards, she worked for another six months as a scientific collaborator in Dmitri Firsov’s group to investigate the role of peroxisomes in the kidney.

Valentina joined Prof. Marlen Knobloch’s group in September 2018 as a PhD student to study the metabolic regulation of adult neural stem cells and the effects of gender, aging and physical activity on neurogenesis. This project is carried out in collaboration with our team.


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Valentina Scandella


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