How to use the Platform

Prior to undertaking a particular project it would be useful to the individual researcher to study the Services and Prices page to have an idea of eventual costs his/her project will incur.

If the histology which you require does not constitute a project simply contact us by the email address below with a description of the work desired.

The histology laboratory of the MPF is located within the Biochemistry department of UNIL in Epalinges. There is an interactive map on the Introduction page.

1. Fill in application form (available on Forms page) and return by email to the Mouse Pathology Facility at:

2. An estimate of incurred costs will be sent  to the person responsible for the project.

3. Once acknowledged and sent back to Mouse Pathology arrangements will be made to carry out the work.

4. Following completion of slides, an assigned pathologist will analyze the case.

5. A final report will be written by the assigned pathologist and sent to the researchers.

6. A meeting will be arranged to discuss both the results and eventual future directions.

7. A final billing will be sent to the person responsible.


Ki-67 staining


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)